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[10 Sep 2005|03:53pm]
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[21 Aug 2004|11:36am]


Yesterdays Rising would like you to join their Community

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[06 Aug 2004|06:41pm]
Hiya Kids! These r sum pics of me, my friends, and sum random stuff...kinda cool
Aaron's and AroundCollapse )
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Hiya! [05 Aug 2004|03:02pm]
Hiya! how hav u all been!? ive been pretty good (if u care tat is)
this pic is pretty good...i was proud of myself for gettin it :~)
ENJOY! Its kinda interestingCollapse )
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[04 Aug 2004|12:06pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Hiya since i got a new live journal i decided to get back in this community. I havnt posted since december.

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[-] Like a lil girl in a fairytale [22 Jul 2004|12:24pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

so yeah... I haven't posted in here since.... well when this community had dildos as the backround....great times great times...hope everyone is fantastic....yup I'm doneeeeeeeeee

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[19 Jul 2004|05:15am]

Who thinks we should keep this community?
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[13 Jun 2004|01:34am]
this is rockin! I <3 cody. And Sean.
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[13 Jun 2004|01:37am]

....man this community is stupid.
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[10 Apr 2004|01:07am]

[ mood | Bitter ]

People have been saying no one posts in the community...and I've been neglecting it...so here I go!

Hamilton is so un-interesting, that no one has anything to say in the community made for Hamilton. End of story!

But! Even though everyone already knows this, they're firing our band director, so now I hate our school district EVEN FREAKING MORE! woohoo!

And another thing! Does anyone know of a place...in Hamilton, or around Hamilton...where people don't really go? A quiet place that you can just go and no one will bother you? Can anybody tell me of a place?! (A place suitable for sex in a car is what I'm really asking for (psh...yeah right))

Every town/city/whatever is supposed to have a place like that...it's like...a written...law...or...something.

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Yeah. [07 Apr 2004|06:12pm]

So...I don't think I've posted for a long time. How is everyone? Hopefully good. Anything new? Yeah...nothing here, just trying to sort things out. *looks around* I really have nothing interesting to talk about, I just wanted to make sure everyone was doing ok. Love you guys bunches.
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This time it's really about Hamilton, I swear! [22 Feb 2004|06:49pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

I'm ashamed to live in Hamilton.

Everything is so sports based. It wouldn't be so bad if they were fair...

Has anyone noticed that the cheerleaders' skirts show their asses...no matter what...yet if you wear a skirt that's BARELY above your finger tips you get in trouble?

Also, for the people at HHS...at the pep assembly...the stripper ass shake?? WTF?!?!?! I really don't see how they got away with that. I was way ashamed.

Another thing...why isn't their Florida trip threatened? They get to go every year, we only get to go every three years. Just because the amount of people that they want to show up doesn't show up...they threaten our trip. "Oh you don't support the school...but the basketball team doesn't have to go to your concerts...THE SCHOOL STILL SUPPORTS YOU!"

I'm very fed up. Fine arts...not as recognized as it should be. Sure the sports should be recognized! Go sports! But...what about the band...the orchestra...the vocal department...

And last...I hate the world :) It's okay to hate white people if you're black...but if you're white and you say what I just said...you are SO F-ING RACIST! -_-

BTW: I don't dislike other races at all. I dislike people that use the past as an excuse to be ignorant assholes. White folks included.

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[22 Feb 2004|02:43pm]

[ mood | rushed ]

Your medieval name is: Gweneveire. You are
innocent, quiet, beautiful and angelic. You
harbor an inner beauty and you usually keep to
yourself, following the lines of conformity.
You're totally innocent and loyal.

What is your Medieval name?
brought to you by Quizilla

Everyone should look at my journal. I was looking at Corey's journal one day and I saw the red X on his comments link, so I was like HEY WE CAN PUT PICTURES THERE! :)

Oh yeah, sorry this update is in the community...I just don't want to break my streak! lol

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[21 Feb 2004|11:45am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

You're India!

A great thinker and leader, you have a great deal of power despite
being really poor.  You like movies, cows, and you probably are a vegetarian and may
even be a pacifist.  You've probably been moving away from pacifism lately, though,
as you get more and more defensive that everyone around you is trying to hurt you.
 How about a nice game of chess?

Take the Country Quiz
at the Blue Pyramid

I do like cows...but I'm not a vegetarian...I love to EAT COWS! :)

So anyway...how's everyone in the community?

I've gone a record ...3 days of no updating in my own journal...and I had to post that quiz somewhere because it was too good to resist...so I updated it here because it isn't MY journal :) Aren't you guys proud of me though?!
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[13 Feb 2004|11:12pm]
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In Hamilton :) [06 Feb 2004|11:39pm]

[ mood | content ]

So...as a few of you already know...the good ol' HHS had a drug bust today :) Tres drole! (Very funny) They brought the dogs in...and it was a "routine security drill" lmao! We heard them barking by our classroom a whole lot! I was like hmm lol This girl I hate got busted supposedly for having mase but idk...this other girl got accused but they found out she didn't have anything...this guy I figured would get busted (he had drugs in his locker today too btw) he didn't get busted...It was crazy :) You guys who aren't at HHS yet, you'll LOVE it haha (sarcasm) Always remember, don't bring ANY form of drug or weapon to school! Not tylenol...nothing. Unless you keep it literally on you because the dogs don't go around the people. But hey you all already knew that...people are just RETARDED and take drugs to school. The mase, I understand...but drugs...IDIOTS.

That's all! I just thought I'd update in the community. Poor thing is so neglected by me :(

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[04 Feb 2004|06:47pm]

[ mood | type type type ]

Nothing to talk about, nothing to do- So I thought I'd update the Community. I mean it's mine. Don't I have a certain obligation to post in it? I think I do. Today was lame, I got home waited forever for Andrea to get home from the dentist. Then I had to wait forever for my mom to get off the phone and take me to Andrea's. By the time I got there it was already 6 and we just watched Sienfield and American Idol. I have a feeling that show is going to keep me watching it when I was only supposed to watch the really bad people. Then they show the semi bad people, and I'm still laughing, then I get attached to certain people and I want them to win. Then they don't- but I liked the other guy kinda- then I'm hooked for the whole damn thing. FUCK! It's never happened to me before, I'm just assuming that's how it'd go. I'm going to get out now, and just stop watching it all together.

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[30 Jan 2004|06:38am]

I just totally realized that I haven't updated in the community in FOREVER! I don't think anyone has...so here it goes :)

I'm sure everyone knows by the time they read this...but Hamilton=CLOSED.

Umm..what else..don't you guys just LOVE the snow? I do. The snow is beautiful...and tres fun! I am a little mad though because I had my food and I was all ready for class, but hey! If that's what it takes to get a snow day then so be it! I also wore my pants inside out because my US History teacher told us to...:) um....that's all I can think of, so I'm going to bed again. Or at least trying to.
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[27 Jan 2004|04:39pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

Angelfire disabled my fucking account :( And I'm not sure why. So now my background and this community's background don't work. I've tried angelfire, geocities. and domaindlx before. Any ideas?

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[25 Jan 2004|03:36pm]

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