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Nothing to talk about, nothing to do- So I thought I'd update the Community. I mean it's mine. Don't I have a certain obligation to post in it? I think I do. Today was lame, I got home waited forever for Andrea to get home from the dentist. Then I had to wait forever for my mom to get off the phone and take me to Andrea's. By the time I got there it was already 6 and we just watched Sienfield and American Idol. I have a feeling that show is going to keep me watching it when I was only supposed to watch the really bad people. Then they show the semi bad people, and I'm still laughing, then I get attached to certain people and I want them to win. Then they don't- but I liked the other guy kinda- then I'm hooked for the whole damn thing. FUCK! It's never happened to me before, I'm just assuming that's how it'd go. I'm going to get out now, and just stop watching it all together.
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