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In Hamilton :) a few of you already know...the good ol' HHS had a drug bust today :) Tres drole! (Very funny) They brought the dogs in...and it was a "routine security drill" lmao! We heard them barking by our classroom a whole lot! I was like hmm lol This girl I hate got busted supposedly for having mase but idk...this other girl got accused but they found out she didn't have anything...this guy I figured would get busted (he had drugs in his locker today too btw) he didn't get busted...It was crazy :) You guys who aren't at HHS yet, you'll LOVE it haha (sarcasm) Always remember, don't bring ANY form of drug or weapon to school! Not tylenol...nothing. Unless you keep it literally on you because the dogs don't go around the people. But hey you all already knew that...people are just RETARDED and take drugs to school. The mase, I understand...but drugs...IDIOTS.

That's all! I just thought I'd update in the community. Poor thing is so neglected by me :(
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