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This time it's really about Hamilton, I swear!

I'm ashamed to live in Hamilton.

Everything is so sports based. It wouldn't be so bad if they were fair...

Has anyone noticed that the cheerleaders' skirts show their matter what...yet if you wear a skirt that's BARELY above your finger tips you get in trouble?

Also, for the people at the pep assembly...the stripper ass shake?? WTF?!?!?! I really don't see how they got away with that. I was way ashamed.

Another thing...why isn't their Florida trip threatened? They get to go every year, we only get to go every three years. Just because the amount of people that they want to show up doesn't show up...they threaten our trip. "Oh you don't support the school...but the basketball team doesn't have to go to your concerts...THE SCHOOL STILL SUPPORTS YOU!"

I'm very fed up. Fine arts...not as recognized as it should be. Sure the sports should be recognized! Go sports! But...what about the band...the orchestra...the vocal department...

And last...I hate the world :) It's okay to hate white people if you're black...but if you're white and you say what I just are SO F-ING RACIST! -_-

BTW: I don't dislike other races at all. I dislike people that use the past as an excuse to be ignorant assholes. White folks included.
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