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I'm dont have anything to do, or anyone really to talk to. So I decided I'd update in the community. How is everyone [who reads the community]? I hope exams went well for everyone. The only grades I'm really worried about it Algebra, and English. Fuck parts of speech.
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Andrea and I (mostly Andrea) changed the background. Not very many people have been updating/commenting. So I'll take Cassie's advice and start a converstaion-
I'm assuming nobody will comment, and YET AGAIN, I will look like a retard. Uhh- whats everyones favorite singer/band? please reply.
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I decided to joke around and dance on heavy in workout mode (because if I fail, it doesn't start over and act dumb) and so I was sitting there watching workout mode then I decided to try one of the songs b/c at first it looked easy, then it got hard so I watched then tried Dream a Dream and I did good and it never went in danger! EVER! So I put it on game mode and played and I got a C. On heavy. Yeah, that'll probably be the only thing I do today :) maybe I'll make some more icons...I have no life. :D

Just thought I'd update the community a little...for...no...reason. Mainly because I wanted to share that and I didn't want to update my own journal :)
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There's nothing here left, why cant you see. Everything left you've taken from me...

*sigh* Being single kindda makes me sad because of phone calls from Chris. I feel so bad. I just want to be able to find someone and be able to be happy AND make them happy. All I've been doing is playing the guitar and sleeping. I feel weird. I also think I'm getting sick again. >.< icky. Well I don't wanna ramble on about this stuff.

Anyone wanna do anything? Lemme know.

Much Much Love,
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So like, my house has been without heat the past two and a half days now. Naturally 40 degrees and below doesn't make for comfortable living conditions! So we called our landlord and he's like, "Blahblah furnace needs to blahblah I'm dumb blah". His wife in the background says, "Tell them to grab the space heater!"

So we did.
Went outside, went down in the cellar, found a little metallic shoebox-sized gray thing. Brought it back upstairs and sat it in the middle of the room I was in. (Meanwhile getting colder!) There's two little knobs on the bottom. I figure these are my keys to warmth and satisfaction. I turn the knob on the left and suddenly the thing starts shaking violently. I was like, "Ohshit! *turns knob back* o.o... okay. Let's try again." So this time, I look at the knob on the right. I turn it to the right as well. Nothing happens. The labels have long faded from these mystery knobs, so it's up to me to figure out their purposes. What ensued was possibly more dramatic and powerful than what I predict the apocolypse will be.

*wraps one arm and leg around the heater and slowly turns on the knob*
Me: *falls off the heater* You... y-you just need... to make this room warm... *eyes close*
Heater: *looks down at the now unconscious Peter* ... Well.. I suppose I'll... do my best.

Some may think that's the part of the story where it starts getting warmer, but it's not. In fact! There is no part of the story regarding that. This was because our "Space Heater" was more like a, "Space Noisemaker" ;_; wth
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WELL! No one has updated in the community in FOREVER! Go figure, I'm just the one to update :)

Here's a little helpful tip for all of you that have to go to bed in a freezing cold bed! Take a hair dryer....turn it on full blast...and just sit it on your bed! :D It helps SOOO much! Also, if you have damp clothes...there ya go! :)

What else is there...hmm...It's 11:30 pm! Yes, it is! And ya know what, Mr. Weatherman FAILED US! He said there would be snow showers from 11 pm to 12 pm (11 pm tonight to 12 pm tomorrow) and there has not been snow yet except from earlier! How wrong is that? Nich says there's only 30% chance....STUPID WEATHER PEOPLE!

anyway, I'm tired...good night!
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